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What is a Brand + Website Audit?

Many small business owners know the importance of good design and content, but don’t always know how to get there. Designers can be expensive, coders can be flaky, and SEO is confusing. We’re here to help!

With our Personalized Brand + Website Audit, we evaluate your branding, website functionality and search engine optimization. We help you determine what your top goals are and provide an action list with tangible ways to improve your branding, SEO, and overall customer experience. These tips can be shared with your graphic designer, web developer or implemented yourself! Our goal is to empower you to make smart decisions and help you focus on the bottom line.


Who is a Brand + Website Audit for?

An audit is ideal for a entrepreneur who has been in business a minimum of 1-3 years (full or side hustle), has an online presence and is looking to make improvements but isn't sure how or where to start. You may be working with a designer or coder, or you may be doing things yourself. You may not be reaching your ideal clients, missing opportunities for sales, or have no clue how to optimize your site for search engines. All in all, you want your digital brand to be as fabulous as you are!

Small Business OwnersWedding Industry ProsCreative Entrepreneurs


  • Small Business Owners
  • Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Wedding Brands
  • Lifestyle Brands
  • Event Designers
  • Photographers & Videographers
  • Health & Wellness Experts
  • Fashion Designers & Brands
  • Invitation Designers
  • Floral Designers
  • Female Entrepreneurs
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Bloggers
  • Online Shop Owners







What our Clients are Saying:


"Many of the tips were super easy to implement and I did them right away. More than anything Heidi and Micah gave me a lot to think about in regards to my brand and site and made me excited and confident about doing a redesign!"

– Yona Friedman, Flowers by Yona

Yona Friedman


"Can I just give a big shout-out to Heidi Yarger?! I recently hired Heidi to conduct a website audit and it was amazing. She gave me a complete roadmap of the improvements I need to make on my site, including lots of stuff I had never thought about before. There's something to be said for a fresh pair of eyes on your website! She covered everything from the design to SEO and broke it down so that I could easily understand and implement. So excited for my website re-design now. Thanks Heidi!"

– Rachel Rouhana,

Rachel Rouhana


"I just had to share that I had the most helpful, informative, and all-around amazing experience doing the Brand + SEO audit!! It was the best thing I could have done without having Heidi actually design my site!! If you are curious how your site stacks up, contact Heidi!! The design tips she gave me are so useful and the SEO info was beyond informative!! I am now asking myself "what would Heidi do" when it comes to design of my site! Just had to share because it was amazing!!

~ Jessica Litman, The Organized Mama

Jessica Litman


"I had the pleasure of being introduced to Heidi at the Coterie Retreat in Barbados.  I was impressed with her presentation and knowledge of the wedding & events industry. After getting to know Heidi better I felt confident in retaining Spitfiregirl Design to conduct an audit of our brand and its online presence and SEO. I was thrilled with her very thorough review and insight following her intensive survey. As a result, we are already in the process of implementing some of her recommendations. What I appreciated most about working with Heidi was her honest feedback and genuine desire to see my business grow and succeed, as a direct result of an improved online presence. I would highly recommend Heidi's services to anyone interested in the same results."

– Marc Wilson,

Marc Wilson

Anika Kai

"After discussing my vision for my business and my brand - within ten minutes, Heidi had completely dissected my website and told me the tweaks and overhauls that needed to be done to get it to the place I was looking to go. Her instructions and guidance caused me to see my business in an entirely different light. Some of her instructions were simple tweaks that I do myself and I appreciated that because I knew then it was a passion for her. Her feedback caused my site to be brighter and more inviting and it allowed my personality to shine through so that when potential clients clicked on my site they were meeting me, before meeting me! The SEO information and google analytics that were provided were invaluable – what good is having a site if no one knows it exists? I am so grateful for my connection with Heidi and her help...I cant wait to work with Spitfiregirl for my site overhaul!"

– Anika Kai, The Event Coach

Anika Kai

Stacy Armand-Patterson

"You were God Sent! Sitting down for the review of my site, I was blown away by your immense knowledge and passion. You worked with me and gave me pointers on how to align my marketing, social media, seo, etc., with effective strategies on how to target my niche audience. We went through coding issues and brainstormed ways to streamline my sites functionality. All in all, you schooled me & I loved it! You humanized an experience that normally would have overwhelmed me with what, until now, I would've deemed techie jargon. I can't thank you enough!"

– Stacy Armand-Patterson,

Stacy Armand-Patterson

Marissa Nelson

"I can't tell you how great it was doing the brand audit and working with Spitfiregirl. They were lifesavers when it came to helping me with my website and brand. They always told me they had my back and found ways to help me grow my business. It was totally worth it and then some – plus it helps that they are awesome!"

– Marissa Nelson, IntimacyMoons

Marissa Nelson

Erin Heimstra

"As grew in size and success, we knew we needed a major overhaul. We engaged Heidi to provide us with an in-depth Brand Audit. From a backend analysis of our website functionality, taxonomy and seo, to a front end review of our design and layout; Heidi provided my team with clear and concise directives. This empowered us to create a more vibrant experience for our readers, and a more enticing site to our sponsors. Without hesitation I’d highly recommend Heidi!"

– Erin Heimstra, Apartment 34

Erin Heimstra

All the Details!

Each Brand + Website Audit is customized to your business and brand. We are passionate about helping small business owners improve their digital brand, and want to give you as much assistance as possible. See below for the details:

We get to know you, your business, goals and ideal target markets with our detailed questionnaire.

We know you’ll have lots of questions...we provide a detailed document of our findings, as well answer any lingering questions on a call.

From your website design, logo, calls to action, copy and navigational structure, and your top social media channel, to reviewing your search engine optimization (SEO) keywords, meta descriptions and localization.

We break down each section of your Audit in a recorded loom video. We'll go page by page to explain what's working, what's not and how to fix it. Review your video anytime, and share with your team.

Stop guessing if you’re doing things right. We’ll show you how to improve your digital brand by providing actionable tips that help you and your team:

  • Improve your online brand presence
  • Organize your website structure
  • Improve your website content
  • Create compelling calls to action
  • Create cohesion between your social media + website
  • Improve your title tags, keywords & site description
  • Reach your ideal target markets
  • Catch any potential coding or seo errors

Starting at: $2500


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I've paid, now what?
A. Awesome - we can't wait to get started. We'll send you our detailed questionnaire so we really get to know you and your business. After reviewing your answers, we'll commence auditing your site. A schedule of days/times will be presented to you, and a call time to review will be set.

Q. I'm about to start my website design, should I just talk to you after it launches?
A. We highly suggest doing your Brand + Website Audit before you embark on a new site. Sometimes our advice is to change up the way your site is organized, or create specific calls to action. The sooner you have a roadmap, the better.

Q. Do you look at my social media feeds as well?
A. Yes! We suggest picking your top social media feed that either drives traffic to your site or converts to sales (or followers). We'll review it for design consistency and cohesion, as it pertains to your overall brand.

Q. A lot of your tips are copy driven. Do you have a copywriter to help me later?
A. We sure do. Creating effective calls to action, body copy and headlines can all lead to converting visitors into customers.

Q. I have more than one website - do you offer a discount?
A. We will review your primary site as normal, and do a lite design review of your other site. For a thorough review of other sites, we provide a 10% discount.

Q. Do I need to have your team implement these suggestions or edits?
A. Nope! Our detailed notes are meant to be shared with your team to implement, and BONUS! they are actually written so everyone can understand them.

Q. Wait! Can I have your team implement these suggestions?
A. Yes! We do take on a small number of Audit implementations. A custom quote would be provided reviewing the details.

Q. Do you have a payment plan?
A. Unfortunately we cannot offer a payment plan for this one-time service.

Q. I've decided to not make any improvements after all...can I get a refund?
A. Sorry, once an audit has been started, we cannot offer a refund.



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