TURN IT UP – A Summer Music Post

Is there any better way to get pumped up for a new season than with new music? No, I genuinely do not believe there is. Music is just one of those things that can take you to a totally different world and can paint the most vivid picture in your mind.

This time of year is a big one for music. Summer time is right around the corner, and with people starting to do things like backyard BBQs, road trips and pool parties, everyone is on the prowl for their summer tunes. So today, I’m here to help you out with that task. These are some of the artists (and their latest tunes) that I’ll be blasting all season long.

1. Betty Who
spitfiregirl-bettywhoOk, I’m kicking this list off with my latest favourite. Betty Who’s latest EP, Slow Dancing, is a small-yet-rocking EP that has quite the upbeat, lighthearted and almost 90s-pop feel. And if you haven’t heard of Betty Who before now, make sure you take a listen to the rest of that girl’s tunes – they’re a treat to the ears and really get you grooving.

2.  Us The Duo
spitfiregirl-ustheduoI found these guys on Vine, and I immediately fell in love. Their hit song, No Matter Where You Are, is catchy, cute and a real jam.

3. Sheppard
spitfiregirl-sheppardThese guys are fun. There’s not many other ways to put it. Their album is to be released July 11, but you can order their latest hit, Geronimo, which will have you singing along and dancing around like a fool (you know, the best kind of dancing).

4. The Fault in Our Stars Soundtrack
spitfiregirl-tfiosOk, so it’s not news that this movie is one that will pull on your heart strings (it does, and you should definitely go see it). However, it was the music that really made me fall in love with this film. I mean, the story is beautiful – I’ve read the book – but the music was beyond perfect. Even if you haven’t seen the film, you need to listen to this soundtrack.


So there’s some of the albums that will be playing throughout my summer season. How about you? Any artists that we should keep an eye (and an ear) out for?


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