Meet Cynthia: Spitfiregirl’s New Design Intern

March 25, 2014

Rounding out Team Spitfiregirl is our design intern, Cynthia. She’d applied last year, but the timing didn’t work so we made it happen this year! Cyn has a great eye and is a stickler for the details (just like someone I know) so she’ll get along just fine! Please welcome Cynthia to the team!



My name is Cynthia, and I’ll answer to Cyn. Or really just about anything because my attention span is wee-tiny and well I’m curiously nosy. I’m excited for the upcoming work as a design intern with Heidi and the Spitfiregirl team; It’ll be some of the first steps as a recent graduate!

Here’s the quick scoop about me: I’m a new alumna of Savannah College of Art and Design, representing the Atlanta campus! (Us, Atlanta attendees never get any of the love.) I enjoy every aspect of graphic design from the kerning of letters, slicing of paper with an x-acto, creating the interface of an app to even website coding.

I currently working in Louisiana keeping busy with projects for a local restaurant. But the thirst for a collaborative design work and the hunger to chase down the dream of moving west to San Francisco grew bigger every day. Which me leads here. I’m hitting the ground running to make my dream become a reality with Spitfiregirl not too far away to help me get there.

  • The little things:
  • + I’m a cat lover! Okay… I’m a borderline crazy cat lady.
    • + Shoes. My fashion accessory addiction.
  • When I’m not designing, I’m working out, playing video games, or binge watching.
  • + I would speak with more Harry Potter references if more muggles understood.
    • + I make an amazing crème brûlée if I say so myself

Inspiration is everywhere, I’m always looking for new references and influences for my work. If you want to share some of your inspirations or get to know me better, check out my portfolio or find me on Tumblr and Twitter. Thanks for taking your time to read about me! I excited to share this experience with the Spitfiregirl and you, of course!—the Spitfiregirl reader. Don’t forget to meet Spitfiregirl’s editorial design interns, Bex and Shannon.

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