When Pantone released its color of the year, we all went a little cuckoo trying to fit it into anything we could. From our nail color to our phone cases, our dresses and even our socks. There’s no one to blame! The color screams sensuality with a dash of sophistication; we are hooked. Take a look at some of our favorite Marsala appearances in nature. Or, ahem, our nature, at least.




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Creative Crush: Annie Atkins, Lead Designer of The Grand Budapest Hotel

While listening to Terry Gross’ interview last week with Wes Anderson – the wildly eclectic and creative director behind such classics as The Royal Tenenbaums and The Fantastic Mr. Fox – talk about his latest project, The Grand Budapest Hotel - I immediately wanted to know more about the design behind the film. I was first drawn to the movie because of this amazing poster:


After a little digging, I learned the lead designer behind every graphic prop and detail in the movie was created by Irish designer Annie Atkins. Perfectly fitting for St. Patrick’s Day today, no?

Learning about her process, all the details that went into the film’s design, and her collaboration with Wes and the actors surely gave us a bit of envy. Daunting? Hell yes. But man, such an exciting experience. I mean, Annie, Wes, and the rest of the design team had to dream, design, and create graphics based on a fictional country. Everything had to be designed and crafted from nothing but references, and I can only imagine how thrilling that must have been.


It’s learning about the meticulous details, the precision, and the work that we may never actually see that really intrigued me to read on. “You’re not always designing for the camera: much of this work will never be seen by a cinema audience, but still you have to create an atmosphere and a world for the actors to work their magic in.” And that’s exactly what Annie and the film’s team did.

All of us at Team Spitfiregirl were so inspired by Annie’s work that we decided to start a new feature on the blog – “Creative Crush:”.

We will be highlighting creative professionals and their projects or businesses that really inspire us, and hopefully you as well, to get out there and do what you love. Like Annie mentioned in the interview, she had never even considered designing film graphics as a career, and now look at her! She’s creating worlds, designing masterpieces, and capturing the heart of design lovers around the globe. With this feature, we hope we can shed some light on some lesser traveled paths, and really get to pick the brains of some extremely talented individuals.

Plus, we love inspiring our readers to really push themselves creatively and professionally, so stay tuned!


However, for now, make sure you check out Annie’s work in The Grand Budapest Hotel, and keep your eyes peeled for all those little details that have been designed with so much love and talent. Oh, and the cast? Yea, it’s just as amazing as all the artwork. I mean, just have a look for yourself…


Photo Collage courtesy of Annie Atkins


** This is a repost from our archives, in honor of The Grand Budapest Hotel taking Best Comedy at the Golden Globes last night!

The Denver Flea!

Other than enjoying a nice day inside with apple cider and a good holiday movie, sometimes you just gotta get out of the house and do something different! We have about four more months of winter to go, so we we might as well make peace with it, right? One way I’m getting into the holiday spirit is by checking out local events – this past weekend Noe & I headed over to our first Denver Flea!

The flea market was both December 6 and 7th at The Bindery on Blake, and it was full-on holiday-palooza, full of the best of Colorado’s finest homemade goods and services, along with plenty of beer and food trucks. There were tons of vendors selling everything from jewelry, tasty jams, custom cards, clothing, you name it…so it was a great time to actually squeeze in some holiday shopping as well. I especially liked chatting with the vendors and seeing how many creative artisans Denver has. Which reminds me, I should start thinking about the next #denvercreativesunite – right???

Here’s a few of the vendors I met – take a look at their sites and see if anything fits your holiday list!

Lana’s Shop

Mountains Vs. Plains

The Bunagloo

Azure Furniture

Anne Franklin Gifts

Merci Bouquet

Western Daughter’s Butcher Shoppe

Modern Gingham Preserves

Red Camper

What are some of your favorite holiday shopping sites or events?



Holiday Gift Guide


Some people might have finished their Christmas shopping once Cyber Monday rolled around, but let’s be real, most of us don’t even know what to put on our own wish-lists. That’s why thinking a little outside-the-box from the regular button-down shirt for dad, and the typical jewelry for mom, comes in handy. And that’s why we’ve created this holiday gift guide for the whole family.

Let’s start with Mom – what woman wouldn’t like a spa day and a nice glass of wine? These musical wine glasses go above and beyond the usual stem – pour up to the desired note and sound like a musical master. And with that wine, comes a nice soak in the tub. These honey-infused body products are perfect for pampering. And since we can never spoil mom enough (hint hint) find more gift ideas here

For the picky teen or tween who might just ask for cash…surprise them with a smartphone projector! No more huddling around the iphone to see the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries or YouTube sensation.

Have your Dad or hubbie arrive in style. These fashionable cuff links and reclaimed wooden beer caddy look good and come from sustainable sources. Want more gifts for the men in your life? Try these

Let your littles imagination run wild with this fun magnetic block set – I know my son would love it!

Looking for more unique gift ideas? check out these great stocking stuffers.


Note: This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods. All opinions and styling are my own.

We’re Looking For Winter Interns!

spitfiregirl-design-internship2015We are looking for two smart, creative, and energetic interns to join our studio for our 2015 Internship Program this winter. Our clients are primarily in the wedding, hospitality, event & fashion industries, so a LOVE of pretty pictures and fun content is a must! These are 4-month, unpaid internships. School credit is preferred but not a requirement. Paid freelance work upon completion of the internship will definitely be considered for qualified candidates. Think this could be you? then please read below for all the details…


You will work on a variety of design projects (identity, print and mostly web) with an emphasis on marketing to help build a brand. I am looking for strong concepts, good typography, a strong understanding of the web, good use of grids and color, and appropriate styles for respective projects. There should be some thought behind your work. You will get hands-on experience how a design studio works, including various stages of projects from concept to completion along with participating in office duties in our creative shop. This position is a great opportunity for someone to learn the ins and outs of running a professional design business in a casual work environment.

“Heidi is a serious whirlwind of creativity. From the first week of interning for Spitfiregirl, you’ll be thrown into all processes, collaborations, and design ideas she’s cooking up as if you’re her business partner. And she’s certainly not one for awkward break-the-ice kind of hellos…as soon as you’re on her team, you’re family! I’ve found my design experience with Heidi to be the polar opposite of a cold, grey cubicle: She’s not only interested in who you are as a person, but helping you grow in the creative direction you most love. The absolute best thing I’ve learned from Heidi’s design internship is how important it is to nurture your style – that characteristically *YOU* theme that people keep coming back for. Look through her website. Spitfiregirl design is fun. It’s successful. And guess what? Heidi’s clients are SO HAPPY and you’ll get to be a part of this world of wonder and awesome design. Scoop up this opportunity. It’s genuinely worth it.” ~ Katy, Design Intern

Skills you’ll utilize and learn:
• research and concepting
• creation of mood boards and photoshop templates
• file organization
• print collateral design
• website wireframes & design
• designing email & promotional materials
• web & print production
** Bonus points if you’ve got video skills!

• Portfolio of design work that includes web, print, and identity projects
• DEMONSTRATED PROFICIENCY in PHOTOSHOP (masking, brushes, layers) is a must! Illustrator, and InDesign also requires proficiency
• Understanding of HTML is a plus
• Proactive, good at multi-tasking and crazy about the details
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Available to work 10-20 hours per week
• On-site intern given top priority but the right candidate will be considered if remote
• Ideally a design student but also not a steadfast requirement

Interested? Please send your resume and portfolio (please link to your website and/or client work) to info@spitfiregirldesign.com. Please list “DESIGN INTERN” in your subject line and mention why you’d like to work at Spitfiregirl.



We have lots of ideas for our blogs – Spitfiregirl and SpitfireMom and social media channels, and are looking for an organized and creative writer(s) who are interested in penning unique point of view posts, loves finding or creating great photography and artwork to visually support it (and credits accordingly) and knows their way around WordPress.

“Being a part of the Spitfiregirl team has been such a great opportunity, not only for my design career, but also as a wonderful personal creative outlet. Working with Heidi on the blog posts and designs has been refreshing to have her insight on my designs. The four months have flown by, and I feel so honored to have gotten this opportunity to work with her and gain this amazing experience with Heidi as my mentor.” ~ Kristie, Editorial Intern

Skills you’ll utilize and learn:
• research and content curation
• article writing
• content organization
• using a blogging schedule
• coordinate with our content providers
• creation of mood boards and photoshop templates or designs to support blog topics
• SEO optimization (training provided)
• Implementation of content into wordpress blog and social media channels (twitter, facebook, pinterest)
** Bonus points if you’ve got video skills!

• A strong writer with a fun, witty personality
• DEMONSTRATED PROFICIENCY in PHOTOSHOP (masking, brushes, layers) a must – a good design aesthetic is required
• Proactive & good at multi-tasking. Efficient!
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Currently maintains your own blog (or can demonstrate proficiency in the above)
• Experience with twitter, pinterest and Facebook
• Proficiency in WordPress
• Interest in (proficiency ideal) Search Engine Optimization and blog writing
• Available to work up to 10 hours per week – a blog schedule will be utilized
• Available for skype (or phone) calls and emails
• This position can and likely will be remote!

Interested? Please send your resume and personal blog to info@spitfiregirldesign.com. Please list “EDITORIAL INTERN” in your subject line and mention your top 5 favorite blogs and why you’d like to write for Spitfiregirl.



We will let all candidates know we have received your information, and reply back in more detail to those we are interested in interviewing.

Thanks and good luck!

What To Wear For Thanksgiving


It seems like Thanksgiving in upon us already! With just a few short days left for our favorite holiday (or maybe is it Christmas?), planning our outfits is becoming yet more important than planning what we’re bringing for dessert. But probably not; we all know it’s all about the food and the family dynamics. Regardless of where you’ll be spending Thanksgiving this year, make the most of it by pairing a skirt screaming with patterns with classy mary-jane heels. Complete the look with some shiny earrings and you’re good to go! We love how we can wear items that look straight out of a Monet painting.

Shop the post!



Five Ways To Jump-Start Your Work Week

It’s just another week closer to the holidays and I’m sure all we’ve been thinking about is how ready we are for a little holiday break. It’s hard to think back to the beginning of the year and wonder where all the motivation, that once seemed incessant, went. But it’s not time to throw the towel just yet! As we’re gearing up for the holidays, make these next few weeks count by keeping your productivity at top notch. Here are some of my tips on how!

1. Plan your outfits ahead of time


I don’t know if it’s just me but I can heavily feel the drag of the week on monday morning as I’m trying to decide what on earth to throw on that day. Not only do I induce myself a 5-minute frantic, digging-through-the-drawers moment, but it being the first activity I take part in for the week, it is a little anxiety-inducing. I’ve learned to avoid this morning wake-up call by deciding, or at least having a rough idea of what I’m going to wear the rest of the week. Monday: this sweater with these jeans, tuesday: this other cardigan with this scarf, etc. Not only does it make me feel more organized, but it also removes one thing to think about in the morning and makes more time to brew that coffee.

2. Schedule in your TLC-time and coffee dates since, like…Sunday


Nothing keeps me going since 7am on monday morning like the promise of coffee dates, movie dates, and any other kind of date you can come up with. Having something to look forward always becomes one of the most important driving forces of productivity during the work week. Not only is it important to keep you motivated, but the respite it gives you, if you’re serious about schedule some r&r time, can help you improve your focus and time-management skills.

3. Detoxify of social media a little bit


But only a little bit. It’s not fun to miss all your Instagram feed in one day. Who knows if you miss your favorite blogger’s giveaway announcements? But by all means, don’t log in every hour, don’t log in on bored whims. Something that’s very helpful is to allot time for social media throughout your day to keep it from disrupting your work streak. Say you’ve been tackling your email inbox the last two hours, then by all means take a 20-minute break and check your feed! Something I’ve started to do as well is putting my cellphone on the Do Not Disturb setting even throughout the day, allowing me to still receive texts, Facebook notifications, Instagram likes and the rest without it disrupting me as I’m going about my day. I only check it out when I decide to!

4. Get the bulk of the work done by Wednesday


Dividing the work you have to do throughout the week by levels of difficulty or time-consumption can prove to be an important asset in  your workflow. During the beginning of the week you may feel like you wish it was still sunday, but you’ll also have the most energized and refreshed state of mind. Get most of the work done by Wednesday night so that after that climax, the rest of the week is downhill from there. You may not completely finish all your tasks by then, but you’ll give yourself enough time to work out the kinks without the distraction of a looming Friday.

5. Make a list of goals for the upcoming week


And to finish off, nothing boosts productivity more than keeping your goals in sight. That way when you begin your work week you have a clear idea of the tasks you want to accomplish by the end of that week. Engaging in this little practice each week before the next also allows you time to check out during the weekend without the worry that you don’t have your goals in sight for the upcoming one!



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