Style Profile: Blake Lively

Blake Lively and I have been besties ever since that first time I watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Having read the book series as a young girl, Blake brought Bridget to life in a way that took me by surprise, and hence began my woman crush! Then, she starred in the ever popular Gossip Girl, shining all light on herself as the fiercely independent and bold Serena. I think I died and went to heaven with the many clever outfits the girl, and Leighton Meester wore.


With fall looming over the horizon, this is the perfect time to start organizing that autumn wardrobe, shopping around for that perfect fall coat and dusting off our boots. I must admit that although I’m a summer girl through and through, fall shopping is that much more fun. There’s something about being able to throw on all your favorite clothing items at once with the excuse of being cold, that makes every outfit that much more permissible, with the potential to be that much more creative.

I think it’s safe to say I’m not the only one coveting wearing high-heeled boots to school, complete with a matching bag and tights with an intricate designs. But since this is the real world, and in it we get to dress however we feel like in the morning, do not despair! I decided to spark your fancy with a little inspiration and shine a light in the deep recesses of your right brain. See if it helps when choosing an outfit this morning. ;)

If you feel like pretending you’re starring in an episode of Gossip Girl, shop below!


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A Turquoise Affair


I don’t know what it is about this color. Maybe it’s just my irises in denial of barren landscapes and infecund trees. Maybe I’m psychological going through the motions of preparing myself for winter and I’m secretly already mourning the loss of color. Don’t get me wrong, the season ahead comes with it’s many unique charms, but I have to admit I’m a summer chick true and true, and with that comes the inherent attraction to the daintiness of light-hearted interiors, of white walls and colorful accents, and anything that screams happy and young. Do you have a color that does this for you? For me it’s always been turquoise and pink. I couldn’t withstand the allure! Check this places out! Can I move in already?










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Bring Autumn Home


Well it’s that time of the year again! That time when Starbucks brings back everyone’s favorite Pumpkin White Mocha and Pumpkin Spice Latte and gingerbread-whatever, and dressing up in the morning turns into a puzzle about dressing for right now and then predicting the entire day’s weather. As much as I love autumn, it’s unpredictability usually leaves me craving a couple of more chances to stay in and savor some more of those pumpkin-whatever treats in the comfyness of my own home. And speaking of which, what better time to start changing things up around here? There’s nothing better than letting the seasons inspire our home environment. Here are some of my favorites!


Confessions of a Perfectionist


And there it is. I feel the prickling in my hands and I just have to raise them up to my mouth to bite on my nails. “Great”, I think. “Here goes the nice manicure I wanted to have for my job interview on Friday…” An action that started because I was feeling a little less than perfect, actually ended up with me digging myself a deeper hole.

Has that every happened to you? Without even noticing it you’re already subjecting a part of yourself for slow destruction. Of all areas of my life touched the most by stress and anxiety, my nails are often the sad and penchant victims.

I’m amazed sometimes,when I discuss this subject with my friends, about how many of us deal with stress and anxiety on a daily basis. It seems to be a common pathogenic amongst us ladies who think life’s all about achieving the highest peaks, and being on top of the pile of daily duties; this notion only leaving us heaving on the sight of morning coffee spilled on the dress we so carefully picked out, and fact that we wore mismatched earrings to work. You know that’s happened to you, too!

And trust me, it is easy to fall into this rut. With constant social media flooding all escape gates, I’m constantly reminded of my average beauty and less-than-average achievements in life everyday when I so wholeheartedly look to find myself in the successful blogs I read, or somebody else’s career profile. With somebody else’s acceptance to an Ivy League graduate program, who can help but second guess themselves? And it isn’t just a matter of the bigger things in life, but it also happens to me in the smaller duties of everyday: The reality is that sometimes I can’t head out of my apartment having washed all dishes, I don’t just wake up every morning with a clear face, and I don’t change somebody’s life at work every day, and all this smaller reminders of my lack of perfection, instead of giving me peace to act freely and without constraints, often leave me feeling very much inadequate.

But what about those day? What about those day when I just wing precaution outside my bedroom window and just act on what’s right in front of me, ridding myself of anybody else’s definition of success, or high expectations. Those days I feel as free as I can be, those days I decide to be a little less harsher with myself because maybe perfectionism has nothing to do with what perfection actually looks like, but with a distorted idea of what’s truly enough. And if we don’t believe that we are enough…, well dang because we are all we have, and the only kind of perfection truly achievable starts with being kind to yourself. Sure, somedays may be right for going above and beyond, but somedays it may just be right to at least move in some direction, and take a couple of steps, however tiny those steps might be, all in the name of progress.

I’ve learned to think of harsh perfectionism as a burden, and the moments when I decide to be a little kinder to myself, as peace. The Burden usually says: “I can do so much better than this.” “They will not be impressed.” “I want to be the best.” “I need to be in control.” And Peace always says: ” I need to be content with what I have right now.” “I’m not perfect, and no one is.” “Nobody was born already walking.” “I’m still learning.” So as long as I can call my mishaps, mistakes, and inadequacies a stage in my development, I will, and you should, too! And..

“May you be constantly, infallibly aware that infallibility does not exist. If you chose to seek perfection, may it be with infallible grace.




The Table Diaries: Think Pink!

It’s no secret I love pink. I wear it almost everyday in some way or form, all my post-it notes are that color, and even my dish sponge is pink. And if the quote “you are what you eat” holds any truth, I guess I’m a little pink myself, too! Recently, I’ve been bookmarking and “pining” everything beet! To be completely honest, I didn’t used to be such a fan until I tried the beet salad below. Beets have a pretty “earthy” taste that might take a while to get used to, but I think it’s one of the vegetables that’s most underrated. With many health benefits and the joy of tainting all your fingers pink when you cut it, it sure is the new babe in town.


As my love for produce that it’s season grows, I’ve learned to truly appreciate the beauty that can come from pushing your creative boundaries in the kitchen, while rethinking ways to incorporate your favorite in-season vegetables in recipes you probably already know by heart. Not only good for that body, honey, but for your wallet, too!

Now, I’m no developer in the kitchen myself, (not yet, anyway!), but I’m definitely an appreciator of the arts in this subject. And if you’re not a fan of beets yourself, I promise you’ll be rethinking that fan-status when you look at these recipes! Pin away, darlings! And get ready to embrace those pink fingers!

1. Pink Soup with Roasted Onion and Broccoli by Golubka Kitchen

Beet Soup 2

Let’s be honest, the sole reason why we’re giving this beautiful soup more than a glance is because it’s pink. Who are we kidding? Sure, there are some more vegetables and all, but it’s no secret the real star of this soup is that beet. It makes my heart beet. Get it? Hah. I needed to get that in there. But seriously, can you think of a better way to impress your group of girls friends at this weekend’s brunch? I can’t.

2. Beet, Arugula, and Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese by BS’ In The Kitchen

Beet Sandwich

And because I’ve never gotten over the classic grilled cheese sandwich, I definitely applaud BS’ In The Kitchen for giving the known-and-loved sandwich a facelift with the addition of our favorite vegetable (or is it just mine?), duh, beets. Yeah, mozzarella cheese is great and all, but if you asked me, I’d definitely say my favorite cheese is goat cheese with it’s subdued flavor and smooth texture. Plus, it’s not chewy, which is my favorite part. I think it would work wonders with beets, and can’t wait to give this recipe a try!

3. Beet Cookies by Designlovefest

Beet cookies

While I’m inevitably obsessed with anything chocolate myself (I know, I’m so basic), I couldn’t help but stare at these cookies and wonder if they’d taste as good as they look. So they don’t have chocolate, it’s ok, we can get through it! They have sugar and that’s what matters. The pros on this recipes aren’t just that the shortbread cookies make a statement, but also that they’re really easy to make! So you’d be using only a little time on these before you get on to the next beet thing.

4. Vibrant and Delicious Beet Hummus by Free People’s Bldg 25 Blog

Beet Hummus

Revamp that appetizers table at your next party with hummus that makes a statement. This one will surely be standing out from the bags of Lays and Chex Mix. Isn’t it the prettiest bowl of hummus you’ve ever seen? It uses beets in leu of the chickpeas, and since the chickpeas actually give most of the flavor to your regular hummus, (unless it’s store-bought, in that case it will most likely taste like salt!) I can definitely picture this hummus having a pretty different flavor. Time to embrace change, friends! Your body will thank you. If you wake up pink tomorrow, don’t tell me I didn’t tell you.

5. Veggie Tower by Green Kitchen Stories

Beet Salad

This is the salad I was talking about! The nice thing about salads if that they truly make you learn to love food for what it really nice. No gimmicks, or processing, or cooking it in a pool of sesame oil; on the contrary, since salads are mainly raw you can completely appreciate the taste of a fruit or vegetable in it’s entire manifestation. This one may look a little complicated to you, but I can assure you it’s not! You just need to mix some of my favorite veggies together (avocados, onions, beets, tomatoes!) together, give it the shape and top with slices of goat cheese and pine nuts and pea sprouts. Enjoy!

Which one of these will you be trying?!



Header Image via Designlovefest


Style Profile: Rachel Bilson

Some people are born with good taste. At least that’s my ultimate epiphanic realization. As I was creepin’ on my girl Rachel Bilson over the internet, I don’t think I came across a single outfit that was less than impeccable. It was really hard to picture her struggling over what to wear in the morning, while it’s no secret some of us have a little bit more trouble. Ahem.


What makes her everyday style so flawless? Is it the monochromatic theme she adopts so confidently? While I’m usually more drawn to color, I also can’t deny that Rachel usual has me craving a little more black and white in my life. And a little bit more self-assurance! Can you imagine how different the world would be if we all adopted her strut while carrying our morning coffee?

If I will deem any celebrity as taking “classy” to the very next level, it will be Rachel Bilson. Not only does she has a signature style, she also seamlessly “breaks” fashion rules in the process. Did anyone even notice her bag and shoes don’t match? “Wait, were they even supposed to?” A girl that doesn’t follow the trends, but practices her own style, definitely deserves a spot in our style files.

If you feel like exuding your inner Rachel Bilson today, check out some of our picks!



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Burning Man


Have you ever felt like moving to Mars on a very random, hectic time, when you just couldn’t deal with the amount of emails piling up in your inbox? You know you have! It’s OK, most of us have felt that way at some point. Do you need verification? There’s the annual Burning Man festival to prove it. ;)

What’s the Burning Man, you ask? Hah, a very fine question, indeed. I can’t begin to explain how much fun I had researching pictures for this thing. (Need proof, again? See below!) The Burning Man festival takes place every year in the week leading up to Labor Day in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. So it’s going on right now! Tens of thousands of people – artists, actors, dancers, hippies, and just about anyone else – gather together to form a community involved in art and self-expression. It definitely isn’t your usual festival with tons of vendors, and stage-perfomances! In fact, like their website says, it’s more of a city that arises from the bottom once every year and vanishes once the festival is done, leaving no trace that that much people were there creating and unifying this ephemeral little world in the name of self-expression. Every year there’s a different theme to guide the participation of people involved in the festival. This year’s theme is Caravansary.

One of the most interesting things about the festival is that it’s almost a test of survival. People have to bring everything they need to survive in a hot Nevadan desert for up to a week. This includes water, food, and shelter, and they even turn you down in the gate if the personnel believe you aren’t prepared enough to take care of your survival, first and foremost! The only thing sold inside is coffee and ice! It’s not necessary that people stay the whole time, but they definitely don’t sell one-day passes!

Can you image what coming back to the real world after this must feel like? You can bet there’s no wi-fi, or electricity plugs! But what there is, is a whole bunch of people connecting with one another and creating beautiful things. I can’t imagine what that heightened sense of self-awareness must feel like, when all your attention is just focused on you, and what’s in front of you. But I guess the less you have, the more creative you become, right? At least I like to think so!


Have any of you guys been? What has the experience been like? 

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