Single Color? Lots of Impact!

Sometimes in the design phase of a project, a client will want to see their logo in multiple colors. While it’s a nice option, often you can achieve more impact with a single color. Using one color, playing with tonality, and printing on colored paper can all add impact. And did I mention it’s a cost saver? Always a bonus!

To give you a hint of what I’m talking about, I’ve gathered up a few single color design projects that have loads of pop!

Inspired to add impact to your business? be sure to visit ColorizeYourBusiness for more tips from moi and our other experts. PLUS, you can enter to win over $2500 to Colorize Your Business from Astrobrights Paper, Office Depot, and Sherwin-Williams. Who couldn’t use an extra $2500??

You can see more about my collaboration with Astrobrights below…show ‘em some love, k?  #colorizeyourbusiness
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Coachella Style



Thousands of people will be dancing in the dusty, hot desert of Indio, California this weekend for the second round of Coachella 2015. Last weekend we saw celebrities in fringe and fur coats, lots of crop tops, and flower crowns for days. The great thing about Coachella is that anything goes: style especially. You can let your hair down and your hippie out – which is honestly not far from my everyday look.

While Kendall Jenner rocks nose rings and Rihanna shows up in screaming neon purple lipstick, I chose a chiller look for Coachella. Harem pants, a crop top, and a chunky necklace is gypsy-meets-glam, and doable for just about anyone. Of course, you’ll have to top it all off with a flower crown. It’s practically festival law.

Shop the look:

Necklace, $58

Sunnies, $16

Harem Pants, $31

Cut Off Tee, $24

Sandals, $125

Color and Your Business


Remember when I hinted about a trip I recently took to Atlanta? Well I finally get to spill the proverbial beans – I’ve teamed up with AstroBrights to talk all about Color, and the importance of it in your branding! Over the course of the next week+, I’ll be sharing the five videos I filmed with Astrobrights and WithSims. They are full of helpful bites of information for your business – from the key elements that comprise your visual brand, determining your brand’s conversational style and how to translate it from your print material to the web. I hope you’ll follow along!

Here are my first 2 videos:



Be sure to visit ColorizeYourBusiness for more tips from moi and our other experts. PLUS, you can enter to win over $2500 to Colorize Your Business from Astrobrights Paper, Office Depot, and Sherwin-Williams. Who couldn’t use an extra $2500??

You can see more about my collaboration with Astrobrights below…show ‘em some love, k?  #colorizeyourbusiness

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I Wish I Could Handletter (And Other Artsy Desires)


I don’t know about other creatives, but I grew up trying my hand at every imaginable artistic craft. I tried to sculpt, paint, sew, weave, act, and draw. The only thing that stuck was writing. I was (I am!) proud to be a writer but my heart still aches to make all the other pretty things.

My mother was a fantastic handletter artist and calligrapher. She drew beautiful addresses over creamy envelopes, wrote the best of birthday cards, and our Christmas presents looked like they came straight from the North Pole. So when I picked up the latest copy of The Great Discontent and read all about designer and letterer Dana Tanamachi, I was instantly envious and in awe. Now I’m soaking up the works of Melissa Esplin, Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co., Lionheart Prints (fav!) and Hello Tosha Design Co.

The work of hand lettering artists is nostalgic and yet fresh, giving us something we’ve been missing somewhere between the computer desktop and the printed page.

In her TGD interview, Tanamachi tells us that “sometimes your limitations can be the launching pad into an unexpected story.” My less-than-stellar drawing skills cleared way for another creative outlet: writing. One of my favorite social media gurus, Gary Vaynerchuk, says it similarly: stop focusing on what you suck at and instead focus on what you are here to do and create.

Still, trying our hand at new things does wonders for creativity. For not much, you can buy a class on Skillshare to learn how to hand letter, or take a better iPhone image. You can amp up your Photoshop skills on Atly or finally try that craft you’ve been envious of. Just don’t get distracted by all the pretty creative things out there – you have a skill, too.

Do you have creative crushes in other fields? Tell us about them!



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The Best Flower Crown Tutorials


Spring has finally sprung and Pinterest is raging with all kinds of florals and colorful design. I can say that this is definitely my favorite season: shorts are again making an appearance and I can wear my favorite pink bag with no shame. Something that I’ve been dying to try, however, is those famous flower crowns. It seems like even Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere is stepping out of her comfort zone and giving them a shot! Even if I wouldn’t wear them for daily life, they’re perfect for an impromptu photo shoot. I did all the hard work for you and rounded up some of our favorites!

1. Wonder Forest

2. Best Friends For Frosting

3. Design Sponge

4. Sugar & Cloth

5. Operation Overhaul

6. Blum Floral Design

7. Bridal Musings

8. Brit & Co

Which one will you be willing to try?




How To Rock An Internship

Over the years I’ve been an intern, a mentee, a student, an apprentice…The great thing about being a creative is that you’ve dedicated the rest of your life to learning. My internship with Spitfiregirl, and working with Heidi, has been a creative outlet, an opportunity to experiment, and a perfect place to learn more about design and branding.

If you want to land a killer internship, make the most of a mentor/mentee relationship, and leave a lasting impression with your boss, there are some things you should know. I’ve rounded up my best nuggets of advice from all my experiences to date, and I want to share them with you.

Go out there and learn some new things. Be bold. Be boss. Do the work. Here’s how.

Writing is a reflex – Or, at least, it should be. If you want to write for a living – whether it’s editorial blogging, profiles, or ad copy – you should develop your writing into a reflex. The best and most valued writers are incredibly responsive, only because they’ve spent countless hours writing both really good and really bad content.

At my very first internship, my first official assignment was a press release. I smelled “test” a mile away – I knew how I handled this first assignment would set the tone for the rest of my time in the office. Forty-five minutes from the moment I first received the assignment the finished product was on my boss’s desk, fact-checked and ready for release. I got to watch him pick his jaw up off the floor.

Writing quickly and writing well is not something you should be learning while under deadline. Writing is developed into a reflex after some 10,000 hours of honing your style, voice, and cadence.

Some skills are meant to be developed on the job, but a boss cannot teach you talent or discipline in your area of expertise. Those are reflexes you should have ready to bring to the table.

Be autonomous – Want your boss to love you? Learn to operate autonomously. Your ability to self-govern will gain respect in the workplace faster than just about any other quality. Autonomy is the marriage of two essential values: hustle and initiative. Say the media list is a hot mess and you know it needs cleaning up, but no one else has the time to do it. Do it yourself. Don’t wait for permission or instructions to do the little things that will make your boss’s life easier.

Be respectful of time – Your boss is incredibly busy. If they weren’t, your position would probably not be necessary. Respect that, and remember that in every email you send, lunch meeting you request, and question you ask. Which leads me to…

Don’t be quick to ask a question – This goes against what many experienced interns would probably tell you. “Ask lots of questions!” is a workplace buzz phrase, and it’s more lip service than advantageous advice. When you’re presented with an uncertainty, challenge yourself to do everything you can except immediately jumping onto your gchat to ping your boss. Ask yourself, do I have the resources to solve this problem myself? Usually, you do. Challenge yourself to increase the quality of your questions, not the quantity.

Spitfiregirls (and guys), I’m so grateful to have been apart of it all. Thank you!



P.S. Want to join team Spitfiregirl? We are looking for a design intern. Check it out!

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The Table Diaries: Chocolate To Impress!

I don’t know about you, but you can mention chocolate to me at any time of the day and it wouldn’t be unwarranted. “Where?!”, I’d yell, twisting my head left to right attempting to catch a glimpse of my favorite meal of the day somewhere. And I’m not the only one! It doesn’t matter what time of the year, or what time of the day, chocolate is loved by crowds. I also think that a dessert that not only taste good, but looks good goes a long way in “wowing” everyone. That’s why the next time you want to go safe but still impress your guests at dessert time, put on your apron and follow a recipe from below!

1. Coconut + Chocolate Pistachio Tart from Apartment 34


These pretty tarts with pistachios would be the perfect end to a dinner event in which guests would only want a small dose of chocolate at the end of the night. They’re personal, and that gives them the most charming touch!

2. Dark Chocolate + Hazelnut Cake from The Design Files


Next time that it’s anyone’s birthday, forgo the ol’ supermarket pre-made cake and whip this one up yourself! Bonus points for actually buying a bag of these hazelnuts to decorate the top.

3. Chocolate Chunk Brownies + Sea Salt + Pistachios from Dagmar’s Kitchen

BrowniesYou might to use Google Translate to follow this recipe, but I just couldn’t surpass the fact that these brownies are made from scratch, and chunky. With the addition of crushed pistachios and sea salt as garnish, they’re meant to impress everyone you run into!

4. Nutella Pudding from Minimally Invasive


Although a good jar of the Nutella serves many purposes, I had never thought of this idea myself! Apart from digging your spoon in it, try pouring it into a pudding for a change. Hazelnut is truly a king.

5. Chocolate Yogurt Cake + Balsamic Cherry Filling from The White Ramekins

yogurt cake

This is one of my all-time favorite cake recipes. I made it one time I invited a friend over for dinner. It has a super dense and rich consistency and the cherry filling gives it a boost! It is one of those chocolate cakes where a few bites go a long way! Super yummy.

Which one of these will you be trying?



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