Inspiration is Everywhere

DSCF7163Where do you find inspiration? Sometimes a great book or island adventure serves us as not only a reprieve from the everyday grind, but also a muse for our next big thing.

But sometimes the inspiration is the everyday.

Here at Spitfiregirl, we are loving David Stark’s Instagram feed. There’s power in an entrepreneur not only sharing their work, but also the creative process behind it.

Try to find ideas in the everyday things, like light cutting through water or the ingredients you use to prepare a meal. Being present, paying attention, and processing the world around you can lead to beautifully inspired work.


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One Great Thing

What if you only ever did one great thing? Would it be enough?

It’s an answer Harper Lee might have. Lee wrote To Kill A Mockingbird – arguably the most beloved American story to ever hit print, and subsequently the big screen. At 88, she is finally releasing her sophomore effort. We can’t be sure why this manuscript is just now seeing the light of day, years after it was authored. Maybe it’s not very good. To Kill A Mockingbird will likely be Harper Lee’s one, great artistic contribution to this world. She’s lived in that truth for fifty-five years.

One great thing usually isn’t enough for creative entrepreneurs. We want more. We want blogs, product launches, speaking engagements, books, e-courses, master classes and a beautiful, remodeled mid-century kitchen. Then we want to blog about that, too.

In the era of Pinterest-worthy declarations like “dream big” and “work hard,” we’ve forgotten that one great thing is very much enough.

What if today, National Single Tasking Day, you decided to make a to-do list that consists of one great thing? One great thing doesn’t have to be a book. One great thing could be getting started on your book, or getting your kids to daycare on time. What the task is isn’t as important as the effort with which you dedicate yourself to it. Tackling one effort allows us to achieve greatness instead of a dozen “decent” moments. From Tom Sawyer whitewashing a fence to Harper Lee basking in one-hit-wonder contentment for fifty five years, the merits of single tasking are tried and true no matter the scale.

There is greatness is accomplishing one thing with single-mindedness. Put one foot in front of another, one great thing at a time. You will walk, run, and finally catch up to the feeling of enough.

I bet Harper Lee would tell you that one great thing is enough, and that “enough” feels pretty damn good.



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P.S. Read Harper Lee’s quote on courage, watch Elizabeth Gilbert’s TEDtalk on sophomore efforts, or check out this podcast on the benefit of creating a single task to-do list.

The Happy List

I truly believe that the more you go about your day thinking about things that make you happy, in the midst of all other chaos and work environments, you will be set to have a much more productive day and ultimately be happier! Keeping things in perspective is difficult, but making random lists sometimes throughout the week is fun, and will take your mind off whatever chores you’re up to. If you’re in need of an example, some of the things that make me terribly happy are:

1. Long hot showers with candles on.

2. Getting home after a long day and cranking the heater up.

3. Getting a Thank You note or any hand-written letter.

4. A bowl of Hershey Kisses.

5. Painting my nails a fun color

6. Calling home and hearing my cat in the background “meow”

7. A funny inside joke with a friend.

8. A classic slumber party complete with dress ups and boy talks.

9. Pressing “Post” on any kind of poem I’ve written

10. Coffee and a good book on rainy days

11. Made-up beds and nice shower curtains

12. Shopping for fun jewelry

13. Looking at the clock hitting 5pm

14. Naps midday

15. John Mayer’s rendition of “Free Fallin'”

So go on, try it! You will get an instant rush of endorphins just thinking about the things that make you, well, you. I think we should all resolve to make these kinds of list more often and be grateful for all the small things.



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5 Wearable Techs We Can’t Wait to Rock

spitfiregirl-wearable-techWhen I think of wearable technology, I think of bulky, masculine jewelry. Luckily, a new age of wearable tech is here. We rounded up some of the most beautifully and fashionably designed wearable tech jewelry on the market. Use them for everything from fitness tracking to receiving emails or sending emergency alerts to your loved ones. These gems are crazy, under-cover-agent, Charlie’s-Angel’s kinda cool.

Have you ever felt a little creeped out walking home alone from the light rail stop, or to your car in a dark parking lot? That’s where Cuff comes in. Cuff will send emergency alerts to your loved ones with the press of a button. Cuff jewelry pieces work in conjunction with the CuffLinc component – a wireless tracker that connects to your phone. Your Cuff settings can be adjusted on the Cuff app, so you can send an emergency alert to your mom or your entire list of Facebook friends. Prices range from $29 for a basic silicone cuff to $100 for a premium package of jewelry. Availability is limited, so pre-order here!

Ringly is geek fashion at its finest. The ring itself is 18-karat gold and comes in a variety of colors, and is as beautiful as it is functional. The ring gives you subtle notifications about whatever is important to you (meetings, missed calls, emails, etc.) through customized vibration patterns. The battery lasts about three days and is recharged via the Ringly jewelry box. Ringly is $195, which isn’t bad when you consider that it is a semi-precious stone ring that’s gorgeous and will remind you about that conference call. You can pre-order here.

Tory Burch’s collection of jewelry for Fitbit is the feminine touch this fitness tracker needed. You’ll need the Fitbit Flex to insert into this fancy jewelry that retails for about $175 and comes in a variety of colors and options like necklaces and bracelets. Track your daily activity in style while still enjoying the Fitbit perks of the mobile app.

MICA stands for My Intelligent Communication Accessory, but if it were up to me I would have named it Smart And Freakin’ Gorgeous (SAFG). This bracelet does it all – from displaying texts and emails to providing location services, reminders, and calendar notifications. MICA is perfect for the working woman who needs to stay updated but not glued to her phone in client meetings. MICA retails at a steep $500, which may be a little much for such a trendy piece of jewelry that may not be in a few years from now.

Tell us, are you in to wearable tech? What wearable techs do you use, and what would you like to try?

I’m drooling over Ringly’s design, and Cuff’s pieces are so useful for such an amazing price. Decisions, decisions….



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Valentine’s Day Playlist
  1. Valentine’s Day is almost here and you’re probably finishing plans for the famous (infamous?) holiday? Will it be a romantic homemade dinner? A play? Tickets to a favorite concert? Nothing at all? Whatever your plans are, I’m sure sometimes all is needed is good music to accompany the situation. To set the mood right for tomorrow, we’ve compile a list of ten songs to cheer you up and put you in a good mood for romance, whether you’re dating or rollin’ solo.
  2. 1. Entanglement, Imogen Heap
  3. 2. Let Your Hair Down, Magic!
  4. 3. Breathe In, Frou Frou
  5. 4. I Will Follow You, Rivvrs
  6. 5. Pull Me Down, Mikky Ekko
  7. 6. Not A Bad Thing, Justin Timberlake
  8. 7. Ink, Coldplay
  9. 8. I Love You Always Forever, Donna Lewis
  10. 9. Pontoon, Emma Louise
  11. 10. Head Over Heels, Nause

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap on occasion, and I totally get it. The office parade of roses and Facebook feed of marriage proposals can induce eye rolling from even the most tried-and-true romantics. But remember: the best things aren’t always grand and exciting. Love lies in the quiet moments, the soft gestures, and the simplest of rituals with your friends, family and precious babies.

We created a Valentine’s Day gift guide for all the people who keep your heart full, this holiday and every normal day in-between.


First and foremost is always mom, your soul sisters, your wife or girlfriends. Gift her this cutting board as a big “thank you” for all those delicious meals or for hosting girls’ night. A best friend, mom or sister would love this gilded birch bracelet. You can find plenty of ideas for the ladies in your life here.

No love compares to the love a man has for his facial hair. If your man insists on keeping the beard all winter long, help him out a little with this all-natural beard care set. If your dad is a coffee addict (like mine), he will love this steampunk coffee grinder. Find more ideas for your merry men here.

This clothbound journal is perfect place for a teen to keep memories – from first friends to first dates and pearls of wisdom passed on from grandparents.

Oh, babies. They melt my heart, and so do these adorable handmade puppets. They double as creative playtime inspiration and a cuddle buddy for your sweet baby or toddler.

Need more gift ideas? Check out more V-Day options for everyone here. Wishing you lots of love, hearts, kisses, and candy this Valentine’s Day!



Note: This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods. All opinions and styling are our own.

Please welcome Jessica to Team Spitfiregirl

Team-Spitfiregirl_Jessica_InternHi guys, today I’m very excited to introduce you to our newest Editorial Intern, Jessica. Jess is a recent transplant to Denver and has the most bubbliest of personalities. I couldn’t be happier to have her join Team Spitfiregirl and Team SpitfireMom. Please welcome her with open arms!
~ Heidi

ps: We are still on the hunt for just the right design intern for Team Spitfiregirl – could that be you?


Hi. I’m Jessica.

I am so excited to be here in Denver, working with Heidi and contributing and curating content for the awesome community that is Spitfiregirl. Good people and good stories are everything, and the conversations and community built around those stories are basically what I live for.  That’s why I love blogging.

So here’s the low down on me: I’m an Oklahoma native and a recent transplant to Colorado. I’m married to the really cute, bearded guy I met at 16. We have two fur babies (of the cat and dog variety). We are farm kids at heart – he grew up raising horses and I showed livestock. I graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2012 with a degree in Agricultural Communications and a minor in English. I spent a year in the corporate world before deciding to throw the deuces to the status quo and pursue what really mattered to me – creative entrepreneurship. I started full-time freelance blogging, writing and designing for small businesses and startups. Most recently I’ve been writing for the wildly popular Brit & Co.

More fun facts, just for kicks and giggles:


I am so excited to be here at Spitfiregirl and Spitfiremom. When I’m not here sharing with you my latest interests and inspirations, you can find me writing on my personal blog, sharing on Twitter or Instagram.

I’m so happy we met.


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