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August 23, 2016

First off…guys, I’ve missed you! I realize it’s been quite awhile since I’ve blogged. Sorry about that. After the site launch I just dove back into with client work and have put more time into our instagram and pinterest accounts (hint hint). Coupled with some attempts at a summer vacation, and well…here we are.



To kick things off, I am thrilled to announce that next week I’ll be speaking at The Savvy Experience – a business conference in Scottsdale, presented by my friend and colleague Heather Crabtree. If you’re a fellow lady entrepreneur, and you’re not already in Heather’s facebook group – The Savvy Business Owner – get on that. It’s filled with smart women, running creative businesses and busy lives who encourage, advise, and support each other. I’ve made new friends and even secured an amazing client through the group (more on that soon).


While I’ve spoken at a few conferences now, I’m probably most excited about the Savvy Experience. Why? It’s an intimate gathering of 75 women, all running creative businesses, looking for concrete information to make immediate and impactful changes in their business. I’ll be sharing ways to quickly and easily elevate your digital brand.

I do hope you’ll follow me along in Scottsdale – I’ll be sharing snippets of the experience on instagram and maybe, just maybe Instagram Stories (or facebook live). Stay tuned!

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I can’t believe this day has finally come.

About 6 months ago I decided it was time to redesign the Spitfiregirl website. It had after all, been 4 years almost to the day since the last one launched. So much has changed…in my business and in the digital landscape. And as many designers can attest, we are often the last to get the shiny new website, because we are busy creating them for our clients. Fast forward to right now…

I am thrilled to be sharing my new website with you!

From a totally responsive design, to all new client work – searchable by client type and with pin-friendly portfolios, we hope there is plenty to keep you inspired! We have 2 new service offerings that I am excited to formally share with you (we’ve quietly been doing them for awhile now)…

With our Brand & SEO Audits we evaluate your branding, website functionality and search engine optimization. We help you determine what your top goals are and provide an action list with tangible ways to improve your branding, SEO, and overall customer experience. These tips can be shared with your graphic designer, web developer or implemented yourself! Our goal is to empower you to make smart decisions and help you focus on the bottom line.  Interested? you can learn more, or book one for your business here

Additionally, I’m accepting a small number of monthly One-on-One Consulting clients, for entrepreneurs looking for guidance or advice. From design and branding questions, identifying and attracting your niche, pricing, business systems and workflow, to hiring interns and freelancers…I provide a course of action that brings clarity, confidence, and paying clients.



In the past two years I’ve ramped up my Speaking Engagements – which I totally love. See where I’ve been and where I’m going next. Interested in having me speak at your retreat, summit or event?  Let me know!

Last but certainly not least, I need to highlight my killer team. An extra, extra special thank you goes to my coding wizard Otis, who has been on my team for almost eleven years now. I could seriously not have done all this without him. The fresh copy? Courtesy of our resident copywriter Jessica Willingham. Those Pinterest-worthy portfolios? My rockstar design team of Drea and Ally. The bright photography? Taken by my favorite colorado photographer, Sara Hasstedt, with hair & makeup by my girl Elizabeth Link. Add in some sweet SEO strategy from Micah, and finally a big high-five to my accountability partner Kathryn and Lara Casey’s PowerSheets for keeping me on track. Thanks everyone for all your hard work and dedication!

SO! I’d love to hear what you think of the site! We’ll have some fun new additions coming online later this month, as well as frequent updates to the blog and portfolio, so do stay in touch. Should you find any bugs, do let us know. We’d love to have you join our mailing list for free design and business tips, inspiration and first access to upcoming webinars and maybe even a course!

All in all it’s been quite a journey – these past four years and these past 6 months. Thanks for being along for the ride!



ps:  you can find more Spitfiregirl on instagram, pinterest, and facebook

My Best Holiday Tip!

December 17, 2015

Pssst….I’ve got a tip to share and I hope it comes in handy! Want to make your holidays a whole lot easier? Skip the post office madness and send a New Years Card instead! While I love a good Christmas or Holiday card…the reality is, I just can’t keep up anymore. And the Huffington Post agrees – giving us 3 reasons to skip the season’s greetings.

Every year, I turn to my favorite source – Minted, to find a card that would help help ring in the new year with style. Minted is the world’s premier marketplace for independent design. I love that I’m helping to support talented artists and designers (and selfishly, removing something off my teeteringly tall plate).

Here’s 3 of my favorite designs to get you that much closer to sending new year’s joy!

1. Send some Cheer!
Hello Glamour! I love the mix of fonts, black, white and gold foil. Classic.    Designer: Cheer Up Press

Minted New Years Card

2. The Best is Yet to Come
Minted is now doing letterpress…be still my heart. This design is honestly universal and would be great for graduation, birth announcements, etc.  Designer: Annie Clark

Minted New Years Card

3. Playfully Gold Engraved
I really the hand-illustrated text, plus if you didn’t get around to a family photoshoot…this is a great option. It’s also a perfect card to send to your business colleagues and clients.  Designer: Phrosne Ras

Minted New Years Card

So remember… if you didn’t send out your holiday cards, there’s still time. Send a New Years card instead with Minted!
PS: They are currently giving 15% off holiday cards with the code WINTER15.


Minted provided a gift code in exchange for this post. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. If I didn’t genuinely like their products, you wouldn’t be seeing it on the blog!

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Crazy For Emerald Green

September 24, 2015

I don’t know about you but once fall season rolls around I’m all about leaving the pastels back at home taking a rest and gearing up for a good mall-stroll. Ya’ know, or at least a good window shopping session, to gather some wardrobe inspiration. And you know what? Even the blacks and the maroons don’t seem nearly as interesting anymore. There’s something so fresh about emerald green. It’s almost like we’re bringing a little bit of summer with us throughout the fall and the winter; boycotting not seeing this beautiful hue in nature anymore. I saw these boots and went bonkers! Happy shopping!



Shop: Boots / Ring / Nail Polish / Scarf

10 Ways To Slow Down Your Day

September 8, 2015
sleeping 2

We’ve all been there. By the time lunch hour hits we’ve already replied to 20 emails, been to two meetings, scheduled ourselves crazy for the rest of the week, and are left wondering where on earth the time went when we have absolutely no time to catch New Girl on Netflix at night. (Because, let’s be real, those are the small things we’re looking forward to…) The time went where it usually does, you just snoozed by on a caffeine-laden, to-do-smothered frenzy that leaves you feeling dissatisfied and a little anxious at not being able to enjoy small things on a daily-basis!

We’ll never be able to enjoy the small things if we constantly treat our day-to-day like a marathon we just can’t finish. Because let’s be real, you can’t do it all, so why do we even try? The best thing to do is to really organize, prioritize and declutter our lives to make room for the small things that make the day-to-day much better. At the end of the day, whenever it’s truly time to tackle that to-do list we’ll be much more energized. Here are some tips!

1. Wake up earlier and drink your coffee in peace

Before you sit down with your agenda, or your crazy schedule, just take a break. You haven’t done anything yet, but take a break. Set the tone for a relaxed, yet productive, day by taking things one at a time, and not sending your brain into overdrive as soon as you get out of bed.

2. Go for a walk during lunch time

Usually by lunch time we’ve done the bulk of our work day. We’ve have had however-many calls and emails answered to, we’ve scheduled meetings, and hauled through some big projects. So by the time lunch time rolls around, slow down by taking a walk and listening to your favorite podcast, or catching up on that latest novel on your kindle that you can never seem to get around to.

3. Make it a point to listen to music

I don’t know about you, but listening to my favorite jams throughout the day makes me feel more upbeat and puts me in a ready-to-work mood. Make it a point to listen to your Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist on your commute or put your headphones on as you’re making dinner.

4. For every focused hour of work, check your Instagram feed.

Or whatever else you use to distract yourself from your workload. 😉 Usually for me it is Instagram, but feel free to check out that blog you’ve been dying to read, or looking up movie information on IMDB, etc. The point is that we can’t just grind and grind all day without giving our brains a break here and there!

5. Set up a time to disconnect from your inbox

A common mistake we all make is checking our inbox all throughout the day and night. That’s to say that as we are trying to focus on the latest episode of House of Cards, we’re still wired to our duties, which makes it so much harder to concentrate on a moment of recess. In order to slow down your day, just set a time in the evening when you stop checking that inbox, and just leave things to be worked out tomorrow.

6. Make dinner

Making dinner is a nice divide between a work day and down time at home. And even better, looking through recipes and deciding what tonight’s dinner will be usually a nice pick-me-up!

7. Read before you turn off the lights

Nothing says “bedtime” more than reading a nice book you can’t get around to throughout the day right before you hit the sack. Make it a point to not be bringing in your phone/ipad/laptop and just slow down with a nice read!

8. Do your nails, straighten your bangs, put on some face mask!

Whenever I feel like I’m stressed out with school work or my job, I like to come home and forget all about it for a little while. Nothing is better than pampering yourself a little with a nice pedicure/manicure or just slathering on some face mask and unwinding for a bit with a box of cookies (Maybe the cookies are just me…). You’re doing double duty of taking it easy and getting ready to rock & roll tomorrow.

9. Reach out to friends and family

When that latest assignment is making you want to pull your hair, just stop and Facetime your mom/best friend/spouse/whatever for 15 minutes. Make it a point to not only catch up with your loved ones, but also make time for you. It’ll do you good, and when you sit back down you’ll feel a bit more reenergized.

10. Take a deep breath. Take a nap.

Nothing screams “slowing down” like taking a sitting down with a good coffee and taking a deep breath, or heck, taking a nap if you can afford it! It can be difficult to tune things out throughout the day, but at least taking a deep breath will give you a minute to find your center and rethink your approach.

How are you planning on slowing down your day today?



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