The Table Diaries: Chocolate To Impress!

I don’t know about you, but you can mention chocolate to me at any time of the day and it wouldn’t be unwarranted. “Where?!”, I’d yell, twisting my head left to right attempting to catch a glimpse of my favorite meal of the day somewhere. And I’m not the only one! It doesn’t matter what time of the year, or what time of the day, chocolate is loved by crowds. I also think that a dessert that not only taste good, but looks good goes a long way in “wowing” everyone. That’s why the next time you want to go safe but still impress your guests at dessert time, put on your apron and follow a recipe from below!

1. Coconut + Chocolate Pistachio Tart from Apartment 34


These pretty tarts with pistachios would be the perfect end to a dinner event in which guests would only want a small dose of chocolate at the end of the night. They’re personal, and that gives them the most charming touch!

2. Dark Chocolate + Hazelnut Cake from The Design Files


Next time that it’s anyone’s birthday, forgo the ol’ supermarket pre-made cake and whip this one up yourself! Bonus points for actually buying a bag of these hazelnuts to decorate the top.

3. Chocolate Chunk Brownies + Sea Salt + Pistachios from Dagmar’s Kitchen

BrowniesYou might to use Google Translate to follow this recipe, but I just couldn’t surpass the fact that these brownies are made from scratch, and chunky. With the addition of crushed pistachios and sea salt as garnish, they’re meant to impress everyone you run into!

4. Nutella Pudding from Minimally Invasive


Although a good jar of the Nutella serves many purposes, I had never thought of this idea myself! Apart from digging your spoon in it, try pouring it into a pudding for a change. Hazelnut is truly a king.

5. Chocolate Yogurt Cake + Balsamic Cherry Filling from The White Ramekins

yogurt cake

This is one of my all-time favorite cake recipes. I made it one time I invited a friend over for dinner. It has a super dense and rich consistency and the cherry filling gives it a boost! It is one of those chocolate cakes where a few bites go a long way! Super yummy.

Which one of these will you be trying?



Images: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

An Ode to Rex Ray

I recently learned that San Francisco artist and designer Rex Ray died last month of lymphoma, at the ripe age of 58. I’ve been a fan of his for about 15 years – seeing his art in small galleries, then in larger ones, then on custom skateboards, books, rugs and even wallpaper. A self-invented mix of painting and collage, his work is unique, colorful and in my opinion, captures the vibrancy of San Francisco. RIP Rex.



Graphic Design Internship at Spitfiregirl

spitfiregirl-design-internship2015We are looking for a smart, creative, and energetic GRAPHIC DESIGN INTERN to join our studio for our 2015 Internship Program this spring. Our clients are primarily in the wedding, hospitality, event & fashion industries, so a LOVE of pretty pictures and fun content is a must! This is a 4-month, unpaid internship. School credit is preferred but not a requirement. Paid freelance work upon completion of the internship will definitely be considered for qualified candidates. Think this could be you? then please read below for all the details…


You will work on a variety of design projects (identity, print and mostly web) with an emphasis on marketing to help build a brand. I am looking for strong concepts, good typography, a strong understanding of the web, good use of grids and color, and appropriate styles for respective projects. There should be some thought behind your work. You will get hands-on experience how a design studio works, including various stages of projects from concept to completion along with participating in office duties in our creative shop. This position is a great opportunity for someone to learn the ins and outs of running a professional design business in a casual work environment.

“Heidi is a serious whirlwind of creativity. From the first week of interning for Spitfiregirl, you’ll be thrown into all processes, collaborations, and design ideas she’s cooking up as if you’re her business partner. And she’s certainly not one for awkward break-the-ice kind of hellos…as soon as you’re on her team, you’re family! I’ve found my design experience with Heidi to be the polar opposite of a cold, grey cubicle: She’s not only interested in who you are as a person, but helping you grow in the creative direction you most love. The absolute best thing I’ve learned from Heidi’s design internship is how important it is to nurture your style – that characteristically *YOU* theme that people keep coming back for. Look through her website. Spitfiregirl design is fun. It’s successful. And guess what? Heidi’s clients are SO HAPPY and you’ll get to be a part of this world of wonder and awesome design. Scoop up this opportunity. It’s genuinely worth it.” ~ Katy, Design Intern

Skills you’ll utilize and learn:
• research and concepting
• creation of mood boards and photoshop templates
• file organization
• print collateral design
• website wireframes & design
• designing email & promotional materials
• web & print production
** Bonus points if you’ve got video skills!

• Portfolio of design work that includes web, print, and identity projects
• DEMONSTRATED PROFICIENCY in PHOTOSHOP (masking, brushes, layers) is a must! Illustrator, and InDesign also requires proficiency
• Understanding of HTML is a plus
• Proactive, good at multi-tasking and crazy about the details
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Available to work 10-20 hours per week
• On-site intern given top priority but the right candidate will be considered if remote
• Ideally a design student but also not a steadfast requirement

Interested? Please send your resume and portfolio (please link to your website and/or client work) to Please list “DESIGN INTERN” in your subject line and mention why you’d like to work at Spitfiregirl.



We will let all candidates know we have received your information, and reply back in more detail to those we are interested in interviewing.

Thanks and good luck!

Design Crush: Anna Karlin Furniture + Fine Objects

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s new apartment is getting all the internet love. Grammy-winning, singer-songwriter Legend and his Sports Illustrated, food blogger wifey Chrissy recently moved in to thier luxe Manhattan apartment, nestled between Nolita and Little Italy. Architectural Digest interviewed the couple for their January issue, revealing what went in to designing a place that really felt like home.

What caught our eye? The killer furniture, designed by artist Anna Karlin. We are crushing like crazy on Anna’s work, which resides in Teigen’s favorite room in the apartment – her kitchen. Karlin designed and handmade the chess piece counter height stools, which are made from hand plated, cold rolled steel and brush finished brass. I imagine Chrissy’s perfectly toned bum sitting on one while John serenades her with “All Of Me.” What a life.

Karlin works with a variety of textiles – from steel to wood and even glass. Some of my favorite work is her tumblers and glassware. For a mere $750, you can own a set of ten. I’m thinking these will collect dust on my wish list, but I can’t help but dream of drinking wine from handblown glass stemware.

spitfiregirl-anna-karlinThe jealous monster inside me would love to stop talking about Karlin’s talents right now, but her skills don’t end with steel and stemware. She is also a textile and graphic designer. She does print design and packaging, and it is all so beautifully “her.” Oh, did I mention she designs websites as well? Really, the talent is never-ending, guys.

Lastly, and my favorite work of hers, is her work in set design and art direction. She creates these dramatic, three-demensional displays and installations, like the one below she did for Tsvetnoy. 


I have so much respect for true makers – the tinkerers, inventors, and hand-craftsmen. The patience, skill, and thought going in to each piece makes it easily worth the price tag, and more. While Karlin’s work remains far out of my price range, she inspires me and reminds me to support my local makers with my money and praise.

Know a maker? Give them a shoutout in the comments.



Images: Anna Karlin,


Women Who Rock

Sunday, March 8 is International Women’s Day. I can’t think of a better time to be a woman than now. Sure, we have some barriers left to break through – like equal pay – but I am thankful for the female role models who are out there making noise in arenas like education, comedy, writing, acting and service.

Above are some of my favorite women – champion fighter Ronda Rousey, activist and Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai, and funny lady Amy Poehler. The theme for this year’s Women’s Day is “make it happen” – these ladies are hustling hard, making their mark, and making things happen not only for themselves but for other women. That’s some girl power!

Over the weekend, be sure to tell a woman you love how rad she is.



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Weird and Wonderful Photoshop: Erik Johansson

You’ve heard of Erik Johansson, right? Probably not, but you should have. The self-taught Photoshop magician and whimsical digital artist is taking the ‘net by storm.

I first noticed his work with the infamous branding duo Stephan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh. Together, the trio created a colorful campaign for a department store. It was different and, honestly, a little weird. But it made me pay attention.

Now, Johansson is getting noticed for his rich and fantastical Photoshop creations. The Berlin-based photographer captures all this own photos, refusing to use stock. Over the course of a few days to a few weeks he stitches them together in Photoshop to create dreamlike images –  a farmer driving a pair of work boots, a woman stitching up the snow, a city atop the back of a fish. His work is original in the truest sense of the word.

In the midst of a minimal design movement, Johansson trades stark white backgrounds and modern props for color and excess. I applaud Johansson for being different, being self-taught, and believing in his aesthetic. A true artist takes the same tools everyone else is using – DSLRs, Photoshop, props – and creates something we’ve never seen or thought of before.



Images 1 / 2 / 3

P.S. Want to purchase a print? You can here!

Inspiration is Everywhere

DSCF7163Where do you find inspiration? Sometimes a great book or island adventure serves us as not only a reprieve from the everyday grind, but also a muse for our next big thing.

But sometimes the inspiration is the everyday.

Here at Spitfiregirl, we are loving David Stark’s Instagram feed. There’s power in an entrepreneur not only sharing their work, but also the creative process behind it.

Try to find ideas in the everyday things, like light cutting through water or the ingredients you use to prepare a meal. Being present, paying attention, and processing the world around you can lead to beautifully inspired work.


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