What To Wear For Thanksgiving


It seems like Thanksgiving in upon us already! With just a few short days left for our favorite holiday (or maybe is it Christmas?), planning our outfits is becoming yet more important than planning what we’re bringing for dessert. But probably not; we all know it’s all about the food and the family dynamics. Regardless of where you’ll be spending Thanksgiving this year, make the most of it by pairing a skirt screaming with patterns with classy mary-jane heels. Complete the look with some shiny earrings and you’re good to go! We love how we can wear items that look straight out of a Monet painting.

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Five Ways To Jump-Start Your Work Week

It’s just another week closer to the holidays and I’m sure all we’ve been thinking about is how ready we are for a little holiday break. It’s hard to think back to the beginning of the year and wonder where all the motivation, that once seemed incessant, went. But it’s not time to throw the towel just yet! As we’re gearing up for the holidays, make these next few weeks count by keeping your productivity at top notch. Here are some of my tips on how!

1. Plan your outfits ahead of time


I don’t know if it’s just me but I can heavily feel the drag of the week on monday morning as I’m trying to decide what on earth to throw on that day. Not only do I induce myself a 5-minute frantic, digging-through-the-drawers moment, but it being the first activity I take part in for the week, it is a little anxiety-inducing. I’ve learned to avoid this morning wake-up call by deciding, or at least having a rough idea of what I’m going to wear the rest of the week. Monday: this sweater with these jeans, tuesday: this other cardigan with this scarf, etc. Not only does it make me feel more organized, but it also removes one thing to think about in the morning and makes more time to brew that coffee.

2. Schedule in your TLC-time and coffee dates since, like…Sunday


Nothing keeps me going since 7am on monday morning like the promise of coffee dates, movie dates, and any other kind of date you can come up with. Having something to look forward always becomes one of the most important driving forces of productivity during the work week. Not only is it important to keep you motivated, but the respite it gives you, if you’re serious about schedule some r&r time, can help you improve your focus and time-management skills.

3. Detoxify of social media a little bit


But only a little bit. It’s not fun to miss all your Instagram feed in one day. Who knows if you miss your favorite blogger’s giveaway announcements? But by all means, don’t log in every hour, don’t log in on bored whims. Something that’s very helpful is to allot time for social media throughout your day to keep it from disrupting your work streak. Say you’ve been tackling your email inbox the last two hours, then by all means take a 20-minute break and check your feed! Something I’ve started to do as well is putting my cellphone on the Do Not Disturb setting even throughout the day, allowing me to still receive texts, Facebook notifications, Instagram likes and the rest without it disrupting me as I’m going about my day. I only check it out when I decide to!

4. Get the bulk of the work done by Wednesday


Dividing the work you have to do throughout the week by levels of difficulty or time-consumption can prove to be an important asset in  your workflow. During the beginning of the week you may feel like you wish it was still sunday, but you’ll also have the most energized and refreshed state of mind. Get most of the work done by Wednesday night so that after that climax, the rest of the week is downhill from there. You may not completely finish all your tasks by then, but you’ll give yourself enough time to work out the kinks without the distraction of a looming Friday.

5. Make a list of goals for the upcoming week


And to finish off, nothing boosts productivity more than keeping your goals in sight. That way when you begin your work week you have a clear idea of the tasks you want to accomplish by the end of that week. Engaging in this little practice each week before the next also allows you time to check out during the weekend without the worry that you don’t have your goals in sight for the upcoming one!



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Inspired By: Pat Benatar


I’ve been crushing hard on Pat Benatar ever since she released her first album in 1979. Alright, maybe some of us weren’t even born yet (um, that’d be you Mellanie!), but we sure were on our way. My kindest excuses to Taylor Swift and Lorde, but the kind of confidence this lady exuded in the 80’s is hard to replicate. Tight leather pants, red lipstick, bangs, and a microphone might be the cure to today’s woes. If you feel like screaming “We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder”, shop Pat’s look below! We’ll definitely hit you with our best shot.


Shirt   /   Leggings   /   Booties   /   Cuff   /   Necklace


Heidi & Mellanie

Our 2015 Calendar Picks!


It’s about that time of the year where we’ve inevitably started planning ahead to the new year. At least I have! Haven’t you? Most of it consists of rough drafts involving the jittery possibility of spring break trips, and a very Parisian trip. None of which I know will come true, but most of all I’m just imagining possibilities! Entering a new year does that to you, huh? But although we all know planning ahead can be volatile, there’s nothing better than writing it up and crossing our fingers for it to pass. One thing I’ve learned is that the possibility of a thing is sometimes better than the thing itself. So plan ahead, darlings! And make sure to get yourself a nice calendar to write it all up & ignite that creative spark.



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if not please…

cmyk karen

In my many years of voting, this is the first time I’ve ever lived in a swing state. Vermont, Massachusetts, California…all solidly democratic, sometimes overtly liberal. Chances were high your friends, neighbors and family were all on “your team”. It was always comforting, albeit a bit misleading…a voting bubble.

Now that I’m in Denver, it’s a whole new world. While Denver is mostly liberal, we are surrounded by conservative counties. Attack ads are plentiful here. We’ve got some scary propositions on the table, as well as some candidates that would like to take women’s rights back to the 1950s, and could swing majority in the Senate. I voted yesterday…have you voted yet?

Wondering where your polling place is? Look for it HERE
Want to encourage your friends to vote?  Share images like the above, and many more by some great artists – HERE


Artwork by CMYK Karen





My New Year

birthday cake

Today my friends, is my birthday. Every year I like to use this time to hit the refresh button…I consider it my “new” year. As I alluded earlier, this is year has been a challenging one. There’s been some incredible highs, and a good share of lows as well. But in that, I’ve learned that I am so much stronger – both physically and emotionally – then I ever could have imagined. And for that, I’m grateful.

So for this new year, I’m looking inward more than ever. Spending more time with my family, focusing on my health, being more selective with my work and my free time. Lofty goals? maybe.

So beyond the bubbly and much deserved cupcake(s), how do you guys start your “new” year? I want to know!



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The View From Above

In the world of insta-everything, it’s refreshing to see artists try their hand in creating work that’s not digital. There’s something refreshing about admiring work, not for it’s creator’s photographic perspective, but for it’s creator’s craft. Sometimes it’s better to create something from the recesses of your imagination, than to wait until you’re in the right place to see it.

These paintings by artist Jim Darling are the perfect example. He created images illustrating the different views from above seen from an airplane’s window seat. Isn’t it fun to guess where some of these landscapes can be seen from?

viewfromaplanewindow-1 viewfromaplanewindow-1bis viewfromaplanewindow-2 viewfromaplanewindow-5 viewfromaplanewindow-6 windowsviewpaintings

Sources of Images: Fubiz / Jim Darling

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