It’s A Spitfireworld.


I like to think that a spitfiregirl is more than just wild & free. It’s not that she doesn’t want to commit, but that committing sometimes means tucking away wings; it’s not that she doesn’t have a care in the world, but that she cares about the things that matter, which are often unseen; it’s not that her words sting like spitfire, but that they speak what everyone else is afraid to voice, the harshest truths and sincerities. And she does this all with ingenuity.

After collecting several of these quotes on the web, I couldn’t help but hope they inspired you to get out of your comfort zone today. Live like a spitfiregirl would: honest and with abandon.















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Go Blog Social Chicago Pop-Up!


About a week ago I had the pleasure to attend Go Blog Social‘s Chicago Pop Up Even in (you guessed it!) Chicago! It was the first time I had attended an event solely for bloggers, so you might imagine I had all sorts of jitters the few hours leading up to. Since I don’t really have a blog of my own yet, I went back and forth on whether I should attend, and boy…I’m glad I did! I learned so much information that definitely helped me prepare for what to expect once I launch a blog of my own in the upcoming year. I have tons of ideas of what I want to do, what I want to write about, what kind of look I want it to have, etc. So it was definitely wonderful to hear about (and meet!) so many wonderful ladies talking about their experiences and their knowledge.

And you guessed it! I came out of the even with about 20 business cards, and tons of new acquaintances. Which, to be honest, was one of the biggest perks for me! I definitely got a taste of what the blogging community is all about, and I felt connected and supported by everyone during the event! One of my favorites sessions was Danielle Moss, from The Everygirl, who talked about her career, The Everygirl‘s growth, and gave plenty of tips along the way. And also, the wonderful Cait of Pretty & Fun spoke wonders about balance in your life when you’re blogging from home and/or are a freelancer! She sure was hilarious.

Would I do this again? Without a doubt! Apart from attending the one-day conference, I spent the weekend in the city and it made me realize how truly excited I am for the real world; for moving to a bigger city and finally pursuing my dream career. It’s amazing to know people who are into what you do.



*All photos by the wonderful Christina Slaton, used with her direct permission.

Autumn Inspiration!


If there’s one thing I always look forward to about fall is finally being able to crack open my tube of burgundy lipstick, and being  bold enough to wear it to class. And nobody’s going to say anything. They’re just going to wish it was fall year-round so we can all sneak those moody pops of color here and there. But since autumn is, unfortunately, not going to last us forever, this is the perfect time to wear some of your favorite pieces (or try some of our own!). We sure are fans of that subtle wine and terra-cotta hue!

Shop the post below!



Inspired By My Cup of Coffee.


Let’s just pretend for a second that we’re a pair of great friends who are meeting for their breakfast ritual. Every week we do the same thing: we get out of bed, get dressed, draw the same cat-eye liner, check our agenda, and head out the door to the beginning of our day. Every week we talk about more or less the same thing: how our kids are doing at school, what we scored at our latest Nordstrom Rack haul, relationships, and we even order the same omelette combo. Somewhere along the line I confess that I’m kinda tired of the same lingo, and then you confess that you’re kinda of…also. As we should.

I don’t know about you, but I have been having trouble getting out of bed these days. The whole prospect of the day ahead just doesn’t prompt any excitement because every day I do about the same thing. Brushing my teeth, and taking a shower included. Besides, it seems as if I’m not the only one. When I’ve discussed this with friends, it’s seems like it’s actually a well-known plague. So my conclusion is that we’re just missing the elemental factor that keep us on our toes at the sight of the rest of our lives, we’re missing some…innovation. When we get stuck just doing the same thing over, and over again, it’s as if our creative energies decided to take a vacation since we’re not even using them anyway. I mean, who wouldn’t? Say, if you were a benchwarmer yourself you’d just want to go home, wouldn’t you?

Here are some my ideas to keep things feeling fresh, and to spark that inspiration!

1. Make your coffee different each morning, try new ones, order a matcha vanilla latte instead, maybe even add a donut.

Point is… do whatever you do the same way each morning a little differently. Do you always have the same egg sandwich? Make it a point to grab ingredients the night before for a fritatta! I know there are time constraints, but I also know that when we go above and beyond to do something new our creativity just wakes up! Maybe you make a combination you hadn’t tried before and suddenly it’s your all-new favorite cup of coffee. And then you instagram it…

2. Plan your outfits for the week on sunday, and do your make-up differently this time.

This is another way to keep things fresh. You would think that planning goes against that, but I beg to differ! One time I browsed Pinterest really late at night and saw some outfits that suddenly inspired me. I quickly went to my closet and made some outfit combinations I hand’t tried before (I even pulled out a pair of red tights I had bought and used very few times!) All of a sudden I eliminated a morning chore, plus was left with five outfits that were a lot cooler than what I usually tugged over my head each morning. Therefore, when I woke up each morning, I was actually kind of excited because I already knew what I was wearing. It truly is the little things!

3. Enroll in an online course, or better yet, find one near you.

I like to think there isn’t something better than keeping those neurons working up there. And what better way than to take a class in something you’ve been dying to learn? For me, this constantly changes. Last year I couldn’t wait to learn to play guitar, this year I can’t wait to graduate so I can spend next semester learning french on my own! I am a believer that a brain can go as far as the knowledge it carries within, so it’s great to always keep stretching your horizons! Some of the places you can look are Atly and Skillshare. You sure will have something else to talk about at your next breakfast outing!

4. Take a different route to work, or better, go for a walk if possible.

You never know the sights and sounds you might run into on your way to work. You might just pass a new coffee shop you haven’t tried before and make it a point to go there on your lunch break! It’s good to break the monotony of your every day even it that means making small changes like walking somewhere for lunch instead of riding your car. There’s just something that exudes being more “present” and “awake” than just sitting in your car as usual. Who knows? You might just end up running into someone you know…or don’t know. ;)

5. Live life on the edge. (Read: forget about your to-do list for all of two hours.)

My imagination, and inspirations, are usually contained to the amount of bullet points I have on my to-do list. Oh? I don’t have “make a poem” on my to-do list? I’m not even going to think about rhyming some words today. All day I spend checking things off the list, and dragging tasks until bed time. How about we try forgetting about things that aren’t life-or-death for today, and just spending that time cooking something up, browsing funny cat videos, or just letting our mind wander? Talk about reclaiming your freedom to give you a dose of inspiration!

It seems as if the common denominator amongst these things is that to stay inspired you just gotta keep on learning and doing things differently. What is this life but not a journey to become brighter, wiser, better?

Which one will you be trying this morning?!




Salvation Mountain!


Sometimes we come across pieces of art that complete stops us in our tracks. That’s right, even that cute boy you laid eyes on this morning counts. But not as much as Salvation Mountain does!

For those of you who have never heard, Salvation Mountain is located in the lower desert of Southern California, about an hour and a half from Palm Springs. It was constructed over the span of 20 years by a man named Leonard Knight who lives very close by. It is completely made of adobe clay and paint! It is said he did this every day for these amount of years, and nowadays he hangs around, shows people around the mountain, and answers questions. The theme of the art is obviously religious in nature, sporting quotes from the bible and other colorful objects!

I’ve never been, but I’ve seen many pictures of it and it definitely looks like something that must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. What an awesome spot for photo shoots, don’t you think? I’ve seen pictures of people getting engaged here, and it’s been featured in many magazines. It’s amazing to look at the kind of masterpieces one can come up with with time and true dedication. Talk about seizing the day, right?

 Have any of you seen it in person?



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The Table Diaries: Pumpkin Obsessed!

Call me a basic girl. I don’t mind! Pumpkin is where it’s at after all, and I know this morning you stopped at Starbucks for a pumpkin latte. Don’t hide! I saw you.

Nothing to be ashamed of there; pumpkin is the greatest vegetable to grace the face of the earth. After chocolate of course. Wait, chocolate’s not a vegetable?

In all seriousness though, can you think of a more dynamic little piece of veggie? I don’t think so. You can’t make…umm, frappes with carrots. Well, maybe you could, they probably wouldn’t taste very good however. Pumpkin is just very it’s at. Cookies, smoothies, cakes, coffee. Roasted, broiled, baked, sautéed, deep-fried. (Maybe not deep-fried). There is not shortage of creative recipes you can come up with. You want to add pumpkin to your morning oatmeal? You can do that, too.

Behold, my favorite pumpkin recipes going around the web:

 1. Gluten-Free Pumpkin Ricotta Gnocchi with Pancetta and Seared Radicchio by The Bojon Gourmet


Can you think of a better date-night meal? I sure can’t! Not only is it cheesy in all the right places, but also colorful and scrumptious on the plate! Gnocchi usually takes a while to prepare, but I think there’s charm in putting your effort into a meal you can thoroughly enjoy later. That’s why this might be the perfect thing to cook-up on those lazy sunday nights!

2. Caramelized Onion, Squash, and Ricotta Tartines by Top With Cinnamon 


This might be the perfect recipe for a nice autumn brunch with friends. Tartines look so amazing in the plate! And that sourdough bread, with it’s crunchiness and mild saltiness, would be the perfect combination.

3. Pumpkin Creme Fraiche Spaghetti by Cafe Johnsonia


It seems to me that sage leaves are pumpkin’s greatest friends. And caramelized onions too! This pasta recipe marries those flavors perfectly. It’s a fairly simple and quick recipe to do for those nights when you get home late from work and don’t have time for anything else! Your husband and kids will thank you!

4. Five-Ingredient Pumpkin Frappuccino by Minimalist Baker


There’s only a thing better than pumpkin in a frappe: a frappe that only takes around 10 minutes to prepared and requires just five ingredients. What’s the whipped cream topping on that? It’s also healthy. You’ve just won the healthy-quick-pumpkin-frappe-genius award.

5. Pumpkin Spiced Pancakes with Apple Butter by Candice Kumai


This is by far one of my favorite pumpkin recipes ever. I’ve never been a lover of boxed pancakes, but when I started making my own from scratch and found this pumpkin pancake recipe from one of my favorite chefs ever, I got a little trippy. There’s nothing better than waking up on a fall morning and heating these up for breakfast as you broil some coffee. They keep amazing in the fridge for a few days!

Which one of these will you be giving a try? 


Inspired By: Puerto Rico!


Whoever deserved to be born in “La Isla Del Encanto” (The Island of Enchantment)? Me, of course. ;)

These past 4.5 years I’ve lived in the state of Iowa have done nothing to change how I feel about my little island residing in middle-of-nowhere-caribbean-ocean. This is the place I’m proud to call home. Even though I’ve deserted my “madre patria” (mother country) for a while, Puerto Rico never ceases to evoke a feeling of whimsy, and youth every time I’m lucky to come across a really good salsa song, scrumptious rice and beans, and cobblestone pathways to sashay your way through.

Maybe my love of bright colors are just a reflection of those bright-colored windows and doors in Old San Juan, and maybe the fact that I’m so drawn to red lipstick is because it’s almost a must to be able to make it through the day in grace. Just ask my mother and her friends.

I hope this beautiful morning finds you itching with the travel bug. 



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